About us

Hello! Welcome to Buy Android Tablet Or otherwise known as Buy Android Tablet Ltd.

Buy Android Tablet LTD are located in the North West of England, so even though we sell tablets from around the world your support and points of contact will all have a Northern Accent (sorry about that).

We’re passionate about Android tablets and Android technology. The Company was founded on Development and understanding of the Android system. Our passion for it was so strong that being able to deliver the Future in computing (Tablets) is something we feel very strong about.

Mission Statement

Brand doesn’t always mean the best product. Buy Android Tablet Ltd Source from a lot of foreign markets. Sourcing the Best and reliable tablets we can find. For the fraction of the big brand prices! Why pay £400 + when you can spend £200 on something better!

Benefits With buying from us!

  • 2-5 Day’s FREE Delivery
  • UK based company
  • Always around to discuss Android
  • 24 Hour response Support Centre
  • Sourced latest Android Tablets
  • Clear Specs outlined for Each Tablet (Can be confusing to some but you’d rather know everything wouldn’t you?)


Further Information

Android Tablets is foreign territory to most and here at Buy Android Tablet we understand this. We want to help you decide what tablet is best for you!

So if you have any questions don’t be afraid to drop a line to us Via Twitter, Facebook or chat to us on Skype. All links to these are in the footer of the page.

If you have an issues with the products or the site itself then please tell us! We always want to grow and help our customers. But you can also help us!

Thank you for your time and enjoy shopping!

Buy Android Tablet LTD